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Surviving West Texas Allergy Season

Ahhh Spring in West Texas. With all the dust, wind & allergens in the air, it’s no wonder this could be some peoples least favorite season. Don’t let misery keep you inside! If you have dry eyes in addition to spring allergies, your misery this time of year can be compounded. Dry eyes need special care during allergy season until pollen counts lessen and seasonal symptoms subside.

One key to surviving allergy season is prevention. Be sure that you are continuing your usual dry eye care routine as recommended by your physician in order to keep dry eye flares and symptoms to a minimum. Uncontrolled dry eye can make allergy symptoms worse since the eyes do not have enough tears to dilute pollen that gets into the eye. Controlling your spring allergies and your dry eye simultaneously is very important to maintaining your eye health and comfort.

To help keep spring allergies in check it’s best to avoid allergens as much as possible.

Some suggestions during allergy season include:

  1. Watch local pollen counts and try to stay inside when pollen is high or on very windy days.
  2. Use a Hepa filter air cleaner in your home or turn on your air conditioning to filter the air.
  3. Cleanse face and hands after being outside to remove pollen.
  4. Remove outer clothing and shoes before coming into the house to avoid bringing allergens indoors.
  5. Bathe in the evenings to keep pollen out of bedding.

If your efforts at prevention are just not enough, medications are generally used to control allergies. However, for people with dry eye, over-the-counter (OTC) oral antihistamines and allergy eye drops can reduce tear quantity and quality and result in increased dry eye symptoms.

Some of the other steps you can take during allergy season?

  • Increasing the use of artificial tears may help flush out pollen and provide some relief.
  • Using cold compresses can help reduce inflammation.
  • Avoid rubbing the eyes if they are itchy as the action worsens the allergic reaction and can damage the eye.

If you’ve tried everything possible and you are still having significant allergy symptoms, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor who can prescribe stronger drops, ointments, or other medications for short-term use to help you through allergy season with minimal discomfort or flaring of your dry eye symptoms.

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