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Experience The Latest Technology At Eye LASIK Midland

Experience The Latest Technology At Eye LASIK Midland

Experience The Latest Technology At Eye LASIK Midland

When it comes to improving your vision with laser eye surgery, we know you have a choice in facilities. How is Eye LASIK Midland different than any other LASIK Center? Among other advantages, see the difference in technology at Eye LASIK Midland.

Everywhere you look, technology is making huge advancements. From the way we find information, to the way we communicate, technology has undoubtedly made our lives more efficient and effective. And the method of laser eye surgery is no exception.

The Latest Technology At Eye LASIK Midland

Experience the technology at Eye LASIK Midland.

Experience the technology at Eye LASIK Midland.

We are extremely excited with the installation of the latest VISX Star 4 ActiveTrak excimer laser system, which incorporates a unique 3-D eye-tracker. This eye tracker delivers improved laser vision correction.

ActiveTrak actively tracks the patient’s eye and guides the laser. ActiveTrak moves the laser with the eye, keeping the laser and the patient’s pupil precisely aligned during the quick procedure.

This feature along with ActiveTrak’s ability to customize laser vision correction for each individual patient, gives us even more confidence about the expected out-come of laser vision correction. The STAR 4 has a broad range of indication and approvals, and is appropriate for myopic, hyperopic, an astigmatic treatments. The STAR 4 upgrade also positions the VISX laser for wave front technology that is now installed.

The VISX Star 4 is permanently installed at the location where treatments are performed. Eye LASIK Midland has designated a special room for this highly sophisticated instrument. The laser suite features separate cooling, power supply and flooring that meet strict laser requirements. The use of a permanently installed laser reduces the possibility of errors that may occur with portable systems.

SEE The Difference

So what’s stopping you? Experience the latest in technology at Eye LASIK Midland. We bring you the latest technology to deliver the best results. Request a free consultation HERE.

How To Know If You’re A Candidate For LASIK

How To Know If You’re A Candidate For LASIK

candidate for LASIK

If you answered yes to these questions, you may be a candidate for LASIK!

Are you tired of the hassle of glasses? Or struggling with contacts every morning? You may be the perfect candidate for LASIK surgery! We’ll cover some basic questions that will get you started on the path to clear vision.

Do you have generally healthy eyes?

If your eyes are free from corneal abnormalities, scars, infections or eye diseases, you may be a candidate for LASIK surgery.

How old are you?

In order to be a candidate for LASIK surgery, you must be 18 years old. For more information on LASIK age, take a look at our blog, LASIK Age: Too Old Or Too Young?

Can you fix your eyes accurate on a point of light for 1 to 2 minutes?

LASIK patients usually have to stare at a particular spot during a LASIK procedure to ensure best results. Patients must be able to lie flat without any difficulty during this time.

Are you willing to stop wearing contacts before your LASIK procedure?

Contact lenses can affect the results when an eye doctor is determining if you’re a candidate for LASIK Surgery. This is because contacts can change the shape of your cornea.

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you’re ready to schedule a consultation at Eye LASIK Midland. Request a consultation and choose your preferred day and time! If you’d like to know more about LASIK and why you should choose Eye LASIK Midland for your procedure, contact us or take a look at our blog section. TODAY is the perfect day to begin your path to clear vision! You’ll be glad you did.

With Myopia Or Hyperopia, Can You Qualify For LASIK? 

With Myopia Or Hyperopia, Can You Qualify For LASIK? 

If you have far-sightedness (long-sightedness) or near-sightedness (short-sightedness), you may have heard the terms myopia and hyperopia. Both are common conditions that require glasses or contacts. You’ve probably struggled most of your life with glasses or contacts and may have even considered LASIK. With myopia or hyperopia, can you still qualify for LASIK? Find out more about the effect of myopia and hyperopia on your vision and your LASIK options!


Myopia is used to define short-sightedness. This means, objects close up are clear, but distant objects appear blurry. This is because light from a distant object forms an image before it reaches the myopic person’s retina. A concave contact lens is required to move the image back to the retina, clarifying the object.


Hyperopia is used to define long-sightedness. In contrast to myopia, this means a nearby object is blurry, while a distant object is clear. This is because the image of the nearby object is formed behind the retina. A convex contact lens is necessary to move the image forward and focuses correctly on the retina.

Your LASIK Options

If you have Myopia or Hyperopia, we have good news! The struggle with glasses and contacts is over. There is a LASIK procedure available for you! Offering, LASIK, Epi-LASEK, PRK, CustomVue and Premium laser treatments, we are determined to find which one is best for you, based on your individual needs. If you’re ready to meet and discuss your options, so are we! Request a FREE consultation HERE. We’ll discuss not only your individualized LASIK approach, but your financing options as well. We don’t want anyone to be denied clear vision due to financial obstacles, so we offer affordable payment plans and interest free financing! Looking for more information on LASIK? Take a look at the rest of our blog section!

Snacking For Eye Health

Snacking For Eye Health

A low-fat nutritious diet is great for a variety of reasons, including eye health. Did you know snacking on healthy foods can help decrease a chance for common eye diseases and boost overall eye health? It’s true! Find out which nutritious snacks are the best for eye health!

Colorful Fruits

You know fruits are good for you, but choose the ones with the most color to receive the antioxidant benefits including Vitamins A, C and E. Try snacking on fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and oranges. All of which can be easily packed and snacked on throughout the day!

Deep Green Veggies

Vegetables, (especially the leafy, dark green ones!) can supply antioxidants such as Vitamin C and D. Broccoli, bell peppers and garden peas make an excellent snack choice to supplement eye health. Instead of using a dull romaine lettuce in your salad, try incorporating greens such as turnip, collard, mustard and kale for an extra nutrition boost!

Nuts & Eggs

eye health

These healthy snacks are great for eye health, too!

Brazil nuts, almonds and cashews provide minerals and Vitamin E, another vitamin that has been shown to slow Macular Degeneration. Additionally, the yolk in an egg does not only provide protein and Zinc, but can help reduce risk for Macular Degeneration and cataracts. Try boiling one in the morning and snacking on it with a small handful of nuts in the afternoon!

There you have it, just a few snacks to boost not only your general health, but eye health too! But don’t just keep these eye health snacks to yourself, share them with your friends and family. Because everyone deserves clear, healthy vision! If you enjoy these eye health tips, there’s more where that came from. Subscribe to our newsletter! Or, take a look at our other blogs on eye health. We’re here to help!

LASIK Age: Too Old Or Too Young?

LASIK Age: Too Old Or Too Young?

You may often wonder, “are my eyes too far gone?” or “am I too old for LASIK?” Or, in contrast, “am I old enough for LASIK?” The question of LASIK age is both common and we’re answering it today!

LASIK Age-Too Young?

You’ve seen your child struggle with vision for their entire young life. Whether this be in school, sports, or simply socially, poor vision is a struggle for anyone. It’s a struggle no one deserves. The hassle of ordering and maintaining contacts or keeping glasses is a bother, especially for young people and children. Is your child old enough for LASIK? LASIK is not typically recommended for people 18 years and younger. However, each person should be considered individually to evaluate for eligibility. Ready to request an entirely free consultation for your child? You can do so HERE.

LASIK Age-Too Old?

Are you too old for LASIK? Do you feel like your vision is “too far gone?” Maybe not! While there is not a “maximum LASIK age,” each patient would need to be assessed individually to determine eligibility.

Is there a "LASIK age?"

Answering the question of LASIK age…

More than likely, if you wear reading glasses now, you will need reading glasses after LASIK. To qualify for LASIK, your eye health must be good and your vision must be stable. People with cataracts or eye disease may not be candidates for a LASIK procedure. Again, each individual should be specifically assessed to provide an answer for a person’s “maximum LASIK age.”

Next, you may be wondering the duration of LASIK surgery results. ” Well, you’re in luck! Take a look at our blog, “How Long Do LASIK Results Last?” If you have other questions on LASIK or other laser eye surgery procedures, we’ll answer them in our blog, LASIK FAQs. Any other questions? We’d be happy to talk with you! Contact us here. Ready to begin your path to clear vision? Request a consultation. We’ll discuss your individual qualification, financial options, scheduling, etc.