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Spring Cleaning Tips For Eye Health

Spring Cleaning Tips For Eye Health

Spring Cleaning Tips For Eye Health

spring cleaning tips for eye healthWe know it’s technically a little early for it to be considered spring, but the weather has been so nice lately, we had to take advantage. We have some spring cleaning tips for eye health to help you get started to a bright (almost) March.

What Is Spring Cleaning?

Traditionally speaking, spring cleaning is thought to have originated with Jewish Passover practices. For seven days prior to Passover, practitioners abstain from consuming all food products leavened with yeast, including crumbs. This custom requires a thorough house cleaning, from top to bottom. Since Passover falls in the spring, the birth of “spring cleaning” traditions began. In more modern times, it’s often an opportunity to give one’s house a full scrubbing after the long winter months.

Spring Cleaning Tips For Eye Health

If you decide to give your house a cleaning overhaul, be sure to follow these tips that also have eye health benefits.

Dates Are Important

Organize your medicine cabinet and throw away any expired products. These products can include old contact storage containers, saline solution, and other eye health products. However, do not flush any medications down the toilet, as it can contaminate water supplies. We recommend contacting your pharmacist or local law enforcement to inquire about recommended medication drop off locations.

Dust Everything

A thorough dusting of your home can help to prevent eye allergies and irritation. As you know, springtime is generally considered the worst time of year for seasonal allergies. We recommend changing out your furnace/air conditioning air filters, carefully dusting every surface, and resealing doors and windows to prevent what’s outside from coming in.

Donate Old Eyewear

Have you already had LASIK? Great! We’re so happy that you’re seeing clearer than clear. However, we’re guessing you probably have lots of old glasses and sunglasses around. Instead of throwing away the expensive frames, contact your local Lion’s Club. Part of their charity work include collected gently used glasses to donate to those who cannot afford them.

Don’t Forget The Floors

Carpets and rugs are one of the biggest eye allergen offenders. They collect everything, including pollen, dust, and pet dander. Be sure to vacuum your floors frequently. As part of your spring cleaning efforts, you may also consider renting a carpet steam cleaner to handle a heavy duty scrubbing. Your eyes will thank you for it!

We’re reveling in this beautiful (not quite) spring weather. However, we’re happy to stay inside to help our patients with their complimentary LASIK consultations. Set yours up today.

Facts To Love About Your Eyes

Facts To Love About Your Eyes

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day! The human eye is a miraculous thing, which is why we wanted to share these facts to love about your eyes.

Love At At Glance.

The eye muscles are the fastest in the human body. When people say, “We fell in love in the blink of an eye,” they’re talking love at first sight.

Your Eyes Are One Of Your Biggest Supporters.

Did you know that routine eye exams could assist in diagnosing conditions such as thyroid diseases, high cholesterol, autoimmune disorders, hypertension, and diabetes? Talk about teamwork!

And They Call It Puppy Love!

A 2015 study indicated that when your dog stares at you with an unbroken gaze, your pup is actually “hugging” you with their eyes.

But Cats Are, Well, Catty.

Conversely, it’s suggested that full-out staring at a cat is a sign of aggression and intimidation. Some scientists recommend “blink kissing,” where owners slowly blink while making eye contact with their favorite feline.

Your Eyes Are As Sweet As Candy!

The lens of your eye is the size of a Skittle candy. It’s located just behind your pupil and acts just like a camera lens would…to focus your vision. Additionally, the human eyeball is 24mm, which is just a little smaller than a standard gumball.

Eyes Heal Faster Than Broken Hearts.

Eye injuries are some of the fastest to heal. In fact, most scratches heal within 24-48 hours. Be sure to see your doctor if you’re in immense pain…it could be a sign of infection.

Your Eyes & Your Brain Are In A Serious Relationship.

Whatever you view through your eyes is actually upside down. However, when that message is transmitted through the optic nerve, your brain automatically rights the image.

Eat More Chocolate!

Chocolate can be beneficial to your vision! Antioxidants found in dark chocolate can increase blood flow to the brain…and the retinas of your eyes. So eat up (in moderation, of course).

Eye Contact Is Important.

According to a recent study, engaging in mutual eye contact for two minutes (either with one’s partner or a stranger) can significantly increase feelings of love and attraction. Ooh la la!

Are you even more in love with your eyes yet? We wish you a loveable, fun-filled Valentine’s Day!

facts to love about your eyes

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day! The human eye is a miraculous thing, which is why we wanted to share these facts to love about your eyes.

February Is AMD And Low Vision Awareness Month

February Is AMD And Low Vision Awareness Month

amd and low vision awareness

That means you never have to go visit an optometrist again, right? Wrong! February is AMD and low vision awareness month.

So you’ve already had (or you’re thinking about getting) LASIK. That means you never have to go visit an optometrist again, right? Wrong! February is AMD and low vision awareness month. We’re here to fill you in on why it’s important to be cautious about your eye health.

What Is AMD?

AMD is an acronym for age-related macular degeneration. According to PreventBlindness.org, AMD is the leading cause of vision loss for Americans over the age of 50. Though many older patients are diagnosed with glaucoma and cataracts later in life, macular degeneration tops those other two diseases in regards to vision loss.

What Happens With AMD?

Essentially, macular degeneration occurs when retinal cells begin to deteriorate. The macula, the center part of the retina, collects “data” and sends it to the optic nerve, which in turn, sends the message to the brain. Those messages are interpreted as the sense of sight. However, when those cells begin to weaken, those messages aren’t processed correctly. This leads to vision loss.

What Are The Symptoms Of AMD?

Macular degeneration is an incurable eye disease. However, many patients do not experience many issues with vision loss during the initial stages. Though, as the disease progresses, patients will begin to see dark spots, “waves,” and blurred vision. These symptoms will progressively worsen and will, in many cases, lead to total vision loss.

What Can I Do To Prevent AMD?

The three factors increase a person’s risk of AMD.

  • Race – Caucasians are more likely to develop the disease.
  • Genetics – Patients with a family history are more likely to get AMD.
  • Smoking – Smokers are twice as likely to develop AMD.


While the disease is not curable, patients can slow down its progression through several lifestyle changes. These include dietary changes, frequent exercise, minimal UV ray exposure, and avoiding smoking.

Regardless of whether or not you have had a LASIK procedure, it is important to schedule (at least) annual appointments your optometrist. EyeLASIK especially recommends speaking with your eye doctor if you have a family history of AMD.

Most of all, we encourage you to take care of your eyes, LASIK procedure or not. If you have specific questions about AMD and low vision awareness or symptoms, be sure to talk to your optometrist

What Happens During A LASIK Consultation?

What Happens During A LASIK Consultation?

LASIK is an amazing procedure that has helped thousands of people improve their vision and their quality of life. The prospect of seeing more clearly without contacts or glasses is exhilarating! However, many people wonder what happens during a LASIK consultation. We’re here to fill you in on what to expect during your pre-LASIK appointment.

Step 1: You’ll Meet With Our Staff

lasik consultation

Many people wonder what happens during a LASIK consultation. We’re here to fill you in on what to expect during your pre-LASIK appointment.

Though we don’t require a referral from your existing eye doctor, it certainly helps to bring your eye health records. It also helps to provide us with a family medical history, as well. Don’t have those readily available? That’s no problem. We can have you sign a release allowing EyeLASIK to request your records from your doctor, if necessary.

Our laser coordinator and clinic director will carefully review your history. This review is not an examination. It’s non-invasive, and you won’t actually have the surgery that day. The purpose of taking a careful look at your eye history is to make sure that you are a candidate for the procedure. It’s important to determine this, as the surgery could be detrimental to non-ideal candidates.

Step 2: Discuss Your Options

As we’ve discussed before, there are many different types of laser surgery. One of the most important aspects of determining this is…you! Each of these procedures is slightly different. It’s our job to choose the best option to maximize the benefit.

Step 3: Tour The Facility

Our state-of-the-art surgical suite is one of the best around! We like for our patients to see where their procedure will take place prior to the surgery. Not only are we very proud of our facility, we want each patient to feel comfortable with the environment and the process.

Step 4: Instructions And Financial Obligations

Prior to booking your surgery, our administrative team reviews several pieces of information with you. These include pre- and post-surgical instructions, surgery date options, and payment arrangements. We are happy to offer affordable financing options.

Oh yes, we missed the best part! Your LASIK consultation is absolutely complimentary. You don’t have to pay a thing.

Now that you know what to expect during your LASIK consultation, what are you waiting for? Book your appointment today.

Eye Health Goals For 2017

Eye Health Goals For 2017

eye health goalsThe beginning of a new year is a great time to set new goals for yourself. Some people want to lose weight, some want to eat healthier, and others choose to try to save more money. However, we’re here to share some eye health goals for 2017.

Eye Health Goal #1: Make An Appointment

Though the goal at EyeLASIK is to prevent you from needing glasses or contacts, it’s still incredibly important to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor each year. They don’t just write out prescriptions for lenses. Your optometrist can help diagnose macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, and a wide variety of other eye conditions. Many of these diseases are treatable with early diagnosis. Additionally, it is very important not to skip your annual appointment if you have a family history of diseases like diabetes, which can affect your eyesight.

Eye Health Goal #2: Always Wear Sunglasses

We’ve talked about this before. Wearing UV-protective eyewear can help your protect your eyes from extensive damage.

Eye Health Goal #3: Wash Your Face

Do not, we repeat, DO NOT ever go to bed with makeup on. Not only is this this bad for your skin, it is also bad for your eyes. Makeup particles, particularly the shimmery or glittery varieties, can cause serious infection. In some cases, it can even cause long-term eye health problems.

Secondly, it’s also good practice to use a gentle eye cream around your eyes, particularly during harsh weather months. The skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive. Hot, cold, or windy conditions can cause the skin to become irritated and dry. The added moisturizer can prevent itching. Ask your doctor about their favorite eye-friendly brands.

Eye Health Goal #4: Talk With Us About LASIK

It’s a new year…and it can mean a new you! If you’re tired of dealing with contacts and glasses, this is a prime opportunity to start a great new year. During your consultation, we will discuss the procedure, give you a chance to tour our state-of-the-art facility, and talk about available financing options. The best part about the consultation? It’s completely free of charge. Be sure to set up your appointment today and get 2017 started off clearly!