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See the New Year Clearer with LASIK

See the New Year Clearer with LASIK

See the New Year Clearer with LASIK

Welcome to 2018! What are your resolutions for this year? When it comes to a fresh start, the team at Eye LASIK Midland wants to share some of the reasons why you see the new year clearer with LASIK – it’s a great thing to add to your annual list of goals.

Re-Focus Your Life: See the New Year Clearer with LASIK

1. Contacts and Glasses are Expensive

Have you added up all of the costs of eyewear over the years? Think about it…and we’re not just talking about the actual glasses and contacts. Add up the price for annual eye exams, contact solution, and other additional expenses (like all the stuff insurance won’t cover) since you’ve been wearing prescriptions. LASIK is an excellent alternative to those costs.

2. Enjoy New Freedom

When it’s cold, your glasses will fog up. If there’s wind, you risk getting sand in your contacts. It’s a massive pain if you leave your contact kit at home when you go on vacation. With LASIK, all you need is a pair of great sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.

3. LASIK is Affordable

Not sure you can pay for LASIK? Eye LASIK Midland offers affordable financing options from Care Credit. It’s an ideal way to cover the cost of your procedure and minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. If you’ve got an FSA or HSA healthcare plan, LASIK is an approved procedure for those funds (though we encourage confirming this with your provider).

4. Save a Little Time

How much time do you spend dealing with your glasses and contacts daily? Whether it’s cleaning them, putting them on, or picking up supplies, it certainly adds up. We understand that your time is money – that’s why LASIK is a great way to carve out a little bit more time for other things each day. Additionally, LASIK recovery is easier than you may think.

Are you ready to start 2018 in a big way? We make it easy with our no-obligation complimentary consultation. We’ll evaluate your eye health history, give you a tour of our state-of-the-art facility, explain the procedure, and discuss payment options. Schedule your consultation with Eye LASIK Midland now.

What Is The Right Age For LASIK?

What Is The Right Age For LASIK?

One of the most common question we receive is “am I too old/young for LASIK?” While there’s no standard minimum or maximum on the procedure, we’re here to discuss the right age for LASIK.

Am I Too Old For LASIK?

There’s an old adage that “age ain’t nothin’ but a number.” However, medically speaking, it can make some difference. However, you may not be “too old” for LASIK. While there is not a maximum age for the procedure, each patient should be assessed individually to determine eligibility. This is all taken care of during your complimentary consultation with EyeLASIK

Am I Too Young For LASIK?

right age for LASIK

Do you know the “right” age for LASIK?

If you’ve watch your child struggle with poor vision, you know how difficult this can be. Needing to wear corrective lenses, whether glasses or contacts, can be a hassle during school, in sports, or in social settings. The added responsibility of maintaining contacts or keeping up glasses can be especially cumbersome for children and young adults. However, LASIK is not typically recommended for people 18 years and younger. Like height and shoe size, the eyes still need to mature and stabilize before the procedure can be considered a success. We evaluate each person individually to determine eligibility.

What Is The Right Age For LASIK?

To qualify for the LASIK procedure, your vision must be stable for a defined period of time and you must have good eye health. People with cataracts or eye disease may not qualify as candidates for LASIK. Also, if you are wearing reading glasses now, the likelihood is that you will continue to need them. However, each patient is evaluated individually and is specifically assessed to provide the “right” LASIK age.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the procedure and the qualifying criteria that helps determine its success. You can set up your free consultation by filling out this form.

Prevent Eye Injuries This Month

Prevent Eye Injuries This Month

Did you know October is eye injury prevention month?

Protecting your eyes is one of the most basic things you can do to prevent eye injuries. But when eye injuries do happen, how do you recognize them and what do you do? Find out how to not only prevent eye injuries, but also recognize them!

Wearing protective eye gear can prevent up to 90% of all eye injuries. Most eye injuries happen around the house, so wear eye protection whenever you can (mowing the lawn, working with tools, sun exposure, etc.) Eye protection is the best way to prevent an eye injury.

However, if an eye injury does occur, it is very important to see an ophthalmologist immediately, even if you think the injury is minor. Do NOT rub your eye or try to remove something you may think is causing the injury. Do not rinse your eye unless you may be suffering from a chemical burn.

prevent eye injuries

Prevent eye injuries this month!

There are several ways to know if you or someone you know is suffering from an eye injury:

  • Unusual pupil size
  • One eye is moving slower than the other
  • Obvious trouble seeing and/or irritation
  • The eye is more protruded than the other
  • Blood in the eye


Among other things, eye injuries can cause blindness, so they should be treated seriously and with extreme caution. Do not treat an eye injury yourself. More than likely, you will only make the problem worse. Call your ophthalmologist’s office for advice or to schedule a time to see a professional.

At Eye LASIK Midland, we value vision and work to protect and improve your vision. If you would like a free consultation to discuss a LASIK procedure, request one here! If you would like to stay up to date on all the latest eye care tips, Eye LASIK news and promotions, subscribe to our newsletter or take a look at our other blogs.



Vitamins For Your Eyes

Vitamins For Your Eyes

Did you know you can take certain vitamins and supplements specific for eye health? It’s true! In fact, these vitamins and supplements can even help delay or entirely prevent eye problems and disease. But what nutrients do you eyes need and what supplements should you take? Today, we’re hoping to give you more information on vitamins for your eyes!

Before deciding which vitamins you should take for your eye health, you should take a look at your multivitamin. You may already be taking most of the nutrients you need. If that’s the case, it would be unnecessary to take any additional supplements. If any of the below vitamins are not included in your multivitamin, you can purchase them individually.

vitamins for your eyes

Find out which vitamins are best for the health of your eyes!

Vitamins For Your Eyes:

  • Vitamin C-250 mg
  • Vitamin E-200 mg
  • Zeaxanthin-500 mcg
  • Selenium-100 mcg
  • Zinc-25 mg
  • Beta-carotene-5,000 IU
  • Folic Acid-800 mcg
  • Lutein-10 mg
  • Selenium-100 mcg
  • Calcium-500 mg
  • Thiamin-2 mg
  • N-acetyl cysteine-100 mg
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid-100 mg


When taken regularly, the vitamins above can decrease the risk (and progression) of age-related macular degeneration, reduce the risk of vision loss, and even prevent chronic dry eye syndrome. In fact, most of these vitamins have multiple benefits, including contributing to bone and skin health.

At Eye LASIK Midland, we want to keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear! For more information about LASIK, or to request a FREE consultation, contact us!

How I Was Able To Pay For LASIK

How I Was Able To Pay For LASIK

If you are like many of our patients, being able to pay for LASIK is the only thing that stands between you and having the procedure. Well, we’ve encountered a “real life” story we’d like to share…one that we hope not only helps you pay for LASIK, but one that you find relatable.

Stacy’s Story

Find out how Stacy was able to pay for LASIK...

Find out how Stacy was able to pay for LASIK…

“I have worn glasses since I was 10 years old. Honestly, I don’t really remember my life before glasses. As long as I can recall, I have had problems with my vision…

I hated being the kid in school who wore glasses. The glare off my glasses in my yearbook pictures one year made me consider contacts. After visiting the eye doctor and getting contacts, I felt like a new person! No more glasses!

However, as I approached my college years, I realized how inconvenient contacts were as well. Running late and forgetting them, getting something in my eye and feeling like I could never get it out, or the worst…falling asleep with them in (I only made that mistake once!)

After I graduated from college and began a career, I was determined to have LASIK. I was tired of the struggle I had always had with first glasses, then contacts. However, just because I had a job didn’t mean that I had the money to go out and have an expensive procedure to correct my vision…I could barely make ends meet!

I knew that in order to pay for LASIK, I would have to make some changes. I strategically determined that to be able to have LASIK in a year, I would have to save around $200 a month (on top of what I already had saved). Yes, for me this meant not going out to dinner (as often) and not getting to splurge on shopping trips. However, it was a sacrifice I was more than willing to make.

After 6 months of being at my new job, I was able to contribute to my health savings account. Little did I know at the time, I was able to use that to pay for LASIK! I found out at my LASIK consultation that my policy paid for a portion of it…this was a welcome surprise, as I was closer than I thought to being able to pay for my procedure.

A few weeks later, I went in for LASIK. Words cannot describe the excitement of being able to see. My vision was much better than when I wore glasses or contacts! And the icing on the cake? I was able to pay for my surgery in full, entirely on my own (in less than a year)!

I understand it is harder for some people to put away money than it is others, but it is most definitely a sacrifice worth making. My advice? Designate a certain amount a month (even if it’s only $10!) that you will set aside for LASIK, and check with your insurance company to see if they have any LASIK coverage. LASIK is truly one of the best things I’ve ever done…and I know you’ll think so too!”

Wow! What an amazing story. We understand that paying for LASIK is not always easy and sometimes, sacrifices have to be made. However, we want to help. We offer interest free financing and affordable payment plans! To learn more, give us a call. Or, we’d be happy to meet with you! Request a FREE consultation here.

Why Get LASIK?

Why Get LASIK?

You’ve heard it all before…

“Freedom from glasses and contacts! Be able to see clearly! Get rid of the inconvenience that comes with poor vision!”

We’re even guilty of using these phrases ourselves.

But why get LASIK? The real reasons, revealed.

Why Get LASIK?

Why get LASIK?

The real reasons to get LASIK…revealed!

You don’t understand the inconvenience of glasses and/or contacts until you experience it firsthand. First, you have to create the habit every morning of putting contacts in or putting glasses on (and of course, the reverse habit of taking them out or off). If you’re in a hurry (who isn’t?), or just forget, your day is shot. Try living life with blurry vision. Impossible.

Scratchy eyes can make your day miserable. And unfortunately, this is a frequent side effect of wearing contacts, due to age of the contact lenses or improper cleaning. Trying to get through the day with scratchy or dry eyes is not only irritating, but it can downright ruin your day! You shouldn’t have to make the choice of 1) taking your contacts out and losing clear vision the rest of the day or 2) leaving your contacts in and coping with the annoying irritation to simply rid yourself of being uncomfortable!

Of course, there are so many more reasons to get LASIK…and if you have some, we’d love to hear them! Just reply to this blog in the comment section below. Making the choice to have LASIK is literally life changing. Unfortunately, so many people choose to live with the inconvenience of glasses and contacts. But don’t! Call us today to get more information on why to get LASIK. Or, you can request a free consultation here. We would be happy to assess your current vision to determine the right laser eye correction procedure for you today!