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Why Choose CustomVue LASIK?

Why Choose CustomVue LASIK?

Why Choose CustomVue LASIK?

CustomVue LASIK is currently the leading technology in the industry that offers patients peace of mind and offers a number of benefits that a traditional LASIK eye surgery procedure doesn’t.

Tailored Technology For You

A CustomVue LASIK eye surgery procedure uses advanced wavefront technology that tailors your LASIK procedure to the exact needs of your eye by scanning every millimeter of your cornea, including any and all imperfections, aberrations and irregularities.

How CustomVue LASIK Eye Surgery Procedure Works

The wavefront technology scans your eye by sending a safe pulse of light through your pupil to the retina at the back of your eye. As the light bounces from your retina back to the device it is translated into a pattern that maps any and all irregularities in your vision. This data is then used to create a precision 3D image or map that displays the unique characteristics of your eye. These measurements are then used by your ophthalmologist to program the laser for your corrective surgery, delivering extremely precise and accurate results. CustomVue LASIK allows ophthalmologists to treat a wide variety of refractive errors. Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted or simply have astigmatism, the likelihood that LASIK using wavefront technology can treat your refractive error is significantly higher than with traditional LASIK procedures.

Benefits of CustomVue LASIK Eye Surgery Procedure

Because of the precision CustomVue LASIK offers, there are a number of benefits to this advanced technology aside from the precision and control it offers. These benefits include:

  • Clearer vision post-operatively
  • Improved contrast sensitivity
  • Less incidence of glare at night, and in some cases improvement of previous glare issues
  • Reduction of changes in vision in the future that may require the need for enhancement


CustomVue LASIK eye surgery procedure allows your surgeon to not only correct your refractive error (your need for glasses or contacts) but also any imperfections in your cornea that may be causing you glare at night or problems with contrast sensitivity that you may not even know you have. Vision is often much clearer shortly after a CustomVue LASIK eye surgery procedure and the chance of vision better than 20/20 is greatly increased. The risk of future changes in vision that typically occur with traditional LASIK procedures is also greatly reduced with CustomVue LASIK.

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Choosing Your Eye LASIK Surgeon – 6 Things To Look For

Choosing Your Eye LASIK Surgeon – 6 Things To Look For

When you’re making decisions about your health, most of us don’t take that lightly. Your vision is no exception. Many wonder: “what should I look for in an Eye LASIK Surgeon?”  First and foremost, look for a vision center with a reputation for patient satisfaction and an experienced board-certified surgeon.
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For many prospective patients may first wonder about the cost. Don’t let this be your deciding factor; barging-shopping may be fine for shoes, but not eye care.

Not all Eye LASIK surgery centers are created equal. The following checklist can help you in determining which LASIK provider can best suit your needs.


A reputable vision center will appear tidy & clean


What kind of technology does the Eye LASIK Surgeon use? Ask if the surgeon offers 100 percent all-laser LASIK (also known as Bladeless LASIK), or if she uses a microkeratome blade. Many patients prefer a Bladeless LASIK procedure.

Professional, friendly staff:

Look for staff who listen to your concerns and are willing to work with your schedule and financial situation.

Relationship with your eye doctor:

Will the surgeon work with your current eye doctor—both before AND after surgery—to ensure your continued satisfaction with your LASIK eye surgery?
At Eye LASIK Midland the patient’s optometrist performs all the work preceding the laser procedure, as well as all the follow-up visits. To see if your doctor is in our network visit https://eyelasikmidland.com/doctors-networks/

Patient Satisfaction:

What are the vision center’s success rates? Of course, you will want to select a surgeon with a low rate of complications, but be wary of a provider who advertises a 100-percent success rate and is unable to back up his claims with objective data.
At Eye LASIK Midland, we have 97% success rate in our clinic. Give us a call to schedule a FREE consultation.


Are enhancements frequently needed? Remember, laser eye surgery outcomes may vary based on individual conditions. Even with successful surgery, future enhancements may be needed, or you might require eye glasses for activities such as reading or driving. Additionally, farsighted patients may experience deteriorating vision over time as part of the natural aging process.

Investing the time now will give you peace of mind while making your decision. Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation!