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How I Was Able To Pay For LASIK

How I Was Able To Pay For LASIK

How I Was Able To Pay For LASIK

If you are like many of our patients, being able to pay for LASIK is the only thing that stands between you and having the procedure. Well, we’ve encountered a “real life” story we’d like to share…one that we hope not only helps you pay for LASIK, but one that you find relatable.

Stacy’s Story

Find out how Stacy was able to pay for LASIK...

Find out how Stacy was able to pay for LASIK…

“I have worn glasses since I was 10 years old. Honestly, I don’t really remember my life before glasses. As long as I can recall, I have had problems with my vision…

I hated being the kid in school who wore glasses. The glare off my glasses in my yearbook pictures one year made me consider contacts. After visiting the eye doctor and getting contacts, I felt like a new person! No more glasses!

However, as I approached my college years, I realized how inconvenient contacts were as well. Running late and forgetting them, getting something in my eye and feeling like I could never get it out, or the worst…falling asleep with them in (I only made that mistake once!)

After I graduated from college and began a career, I was determined to have LASIK. I was tired of the struggle I had always had with first glasses, then contacts. However, just because I had a job didn’t mean that I had the money to go out and have an expensive procedure to correct my vision…I could barely make ends meet!

I knew that in order to pay for LASIK, I would have to make some changes. I strategically determined that to be able to have LASIK in a year, I would have to save around $200 a month (on top of what I already had saved). Yes, for me this meant not going out to dinner (as often) and not getting to splurge on shopping trips. However, it was a sacrifice I was more than willing to make.

After 6 months of being at my new job, I was able to contribute to my health savings account. Little did I know at the time, I was able to use that to pay for LASIK! I found out at my LASIK consultation that my policy paid for a portion of it…this was a welcome surprise, as I was closer than I thought to being able to pay for my procedure.

A few weeks later, I went in for LASIK. Words cannot describe the excitement of being able to see. My vision was much better than when I wore glasses or contacts! And the icing on the cake? I was able to pay for my surgery in full, entirely on my own (in less than a year)!

I understand it is harder for some people to put away money than it is others, but it is most definitely a sacrifice worth making. My advice? Designate a certain amount a month (even if it’s only $10!) that you will set aside for LASIK, and check with your insurance company to see if they have any LASIK coverage. LASIK is truly one of the best things I’ve ever done…and I know you’ll think so too!”

Wow! What an amazing story. We understand that paying for LASIK is not always easy and sometimes, sacrifices have to be made. However, we want to help. We offer interest free financing and affordable payment plans! To learn more, give us a call. Or, we’d be happy to meet with you! Request a FREE consultation here.

3 Questions To Ask During Your LASIK Consultation

3 Questions To Ask During Your LASIK Consultation

So, you’ve signed up for a FREE consultation with us, but you’re doing your research. You’re wondering what questions to ask during your LASIK consultation to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the procedure and what to expect. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Find out the 3 questions to ask during your LASIK consultation:

1. What Are My Options?

When it comes to laser surgery, you have some options (dependent on your individual condition). You can learn more about these options in our blog section. After the doctor assesses you, he will be able to tell you based on your condition what you are eligible for, and based off any prior recommendations from your doctor. (Learn more about our approach to LASIK here.)

2. What Can I Expect During And After LASIK?

We have several articles concerning this topic, however, it is sometimes best to talk to a doctor about what kind of sensations to expect during the actual procedure and what kind of follow up you’ll need to do.

questions to ask during your LASIK consultation

Find out the questions to ask during your LASIK consultation!

3. What Are My Payment Options?

Find out how much you are expected to pay up front, how much you can finance, and what the interest rate on that financing would be. Is the financing done in the office or with a different company? Are there any current deals or promotions? Before meeting with a doctor, talk to your insurance agency if you have a health savings account. You may be able to use that towards your LASIK procedure. Learn more about our financing options.

If you are doing your research, don’t forget to explore our blog section! It is best to be informed before your consultation, in case you come across any questions. We have a variety of great information regarding LASIK, but if you’d like to learn more, contact us or request a FREE consultation HERE!



Living In The Age Of Information

As medical research advances, we as consumers have the benefit of knowing how to best take care of our bodies. Whether its understanding what type of exercise we should do to achieve a healthier body, or what types of foods benefit our health, living in the information age has many advantages. One thing we continue to struggle with is changes to our bodies that are simply genetic. For instance, there’s nothing we can do at this time to prevent our eyes from developing nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. It’s simply part of our genetic code and the changes to our eyes are bound to happen. The good news is, technical advances in refractive eye surgery have made it possible to correct these conditions.


Many people are familiar with the concept of LASIK eye surgery, which corrects the surface of the cornea by creating a small surgical flap of tissue, which when reshaped and closed creates the vision correction. LASIK is the right type of surgery for many people. However, some other people may have better results with a different type of refractive eye surgery called Epi-LASEK. The difference is subtle, but may be appropriate for certain individuals.

Epi-LASEK or LASIK? Which one is for you?

Epi-LASEK or LASIK? Which one is for you?


In Epi-LASEK eye surgery, only the epithelial or surface cells of the cornea are used to create the new corneal surface. Following the surgical change, a highly oxygen-permeable contact lens is inserted, which allows the proper regrowth of the epithelial surface. This type of surgery may be necessary for individuals with thinner corneas, who would not be good candidates for traditional LASIK surgery. This may also be the right type of surgery for people who have professions or hobbies where there is a higher chance of being hit in the eye, because with LASIK surgery a larger corneal flap is created and could be dislodged by trauma to the eye. Generally by the third day post-op, the doctor removes the contact lens.


Two advantages of LASIK versus Epi-LASEK are these: less post-operative pain and discomfort, and possibly a quicker return to normal vision. This is not to say that Epi-LASEK eye surgery is extremely uncomfortable. In fact, most people only need over-the-counter pain medication. Some patients who have Epi-LASEK surgery may also take longer to achieve full vision correction. Although Epi-LASEK patients may experience a slower recovery time than LASIK patients, the fact remains that the surgery is very safe and effective and may be right for certain individuals.

Which One Is Right For You?

You will never be left to make this decision on your own. After your eye shape and vision correction needs are determined, our doctors will consult with you on which surgery would give you the best results. Our patients can have complete confidence that Eye Lasik Midland will provide the optimal surgical approach with full vision correction as our goal. Request a FREE consultation TODAY!

The Unique Technology Behind CustomVue

The Unique Technology Behind CustomVue

Have you heard of CustomVue LASIK? It is currently the leading technology in the industry that offers patients peace of mind and offers a number of benefits that a traditional LASIK eye surgery procedure doesn’t. It is individualized to your specific vision needs and can even eliminate night vision problems.

How Does CustomVue Work?

A CustomVue LASIK eye surgery procedure uses advanced wavefront technology that tailors your LASIK procedure to the exact needs of your eye by scanning every millimeter of your cornea, including any and all imperfections, aberrations and irregularities.

The wavefront technology scans your eye by sending a safe pulse of light through your pupil to the retina at the back of your eye. As the light bounces from your retina back to the device it is translated into a pattern that maps any and all irregularities in your vision. This data is then used to create a precision 3D image or map that displays the unique characteristics of your eye. Your ophthalmologist uses these measurements to program the laser for your corrective surgery, delivering extremely precise and accurate results.

CustomVue LASIK allows ophthalmologists to treat a wide variety of refractive errors. Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted or simply have astigmatism, the likelihood that LASIK using wavefront technology can treat your refractive error is significantly higher than with traditional LASIK procedures.

Request a free consultation for CustomVue LASIK

Find out if CustomVue is right for you!

CustomeVue Benefits

Because of the precision CustomVue LASIK offers, there are a number of benefits to this advanced technology aside from the precision and control it offers:

  • Clearer vision post-operatively
  • Improved contrast sensitivity
  • Less incidence of glare at night, and in some cases improvement of previous glare issues
  • Reduction of changes in vision in the future that may require the need for enhancement


As mentioned previously, a CustomVue LASIK eye surgery procedure allows your surgeon to not only correct your refractive error (your need for glasses or contacts) but also any imperfections in your cornea that may be causing you glare at night or problems with contrast sensitivity that you may not even know you have. Vision is often much clearer shortly after a CustomVue LASIK eye surgery procedure and the chance of vision better than 20/20 is greatly increased. The risk of future changes in vision that typically occur with traditional LASIK procedures is also greatly reduced with CustomVue LASIK.

Want to know more about the benefits of the CustomVue LASIK technology? Contact us here for a FREE consultation!

What To Expect After LASIK…

What To Expect After LASIK…

We’ve told you before, and we’ll tell you again…LASIK is life changing. The procedure itself is quick, very little discomfort is involved, and serious complications occur in less than 1% of all surgeries. It doesn’t get much better than that! However, with the procedure itself being so easy, you may wonder what to expect after LASIK…

What To Expect After LASIK

Due to the ease of the procedure and how little discomfort is experienced, patients often find it tempting to overexert themselves. Unfortunately, this often leads to a longer recovery or even damage to the eyes. Your surgeon will give you specific instruction for your individual recovery, but in a general sense, this is what to expect after LASIK:

expect clear vision after LASIK!

What can you expect after LASIK?

The Use Of Prescribed Drops-Most likely, your doctor will prescribe eye drops for you to use for several weeks following your procedure. These will prevent both inflammation and infection.

Required Rest-After LASIK, you should allow adequate time to rest. Sleep is essential, as it keeps your eyes lubricated and keeps you from rubbing them. Also, you should avoid activities that will cause eyestrain, such as watching TV or reading.

Wearing Protective Eyewear-Protective eyewear will be given to you after your procedure. Due to the delicate nature of your eyes after the procedure, it is important that you wear this eyewear (consistently for 24 hours after LASIK) as you sleep during the next week. During the day, sunglasses can protect against UV rays and light sensitivity.

If you are considering LASIK, contact us to learn more! In fact, you can even request a FREE consultation here. Take a look at the list of participating doctors who are a part of our facility…chances are, yours is one of them! Let us help you get on the path to clear vision.

Prevent Eye Damage This Fourth Of July

Prevent Eye Damage This Fourth Of July

Summer is here and Fourth of July is this weekend! Both are a cause for sunny celebration. We’re sure you’ve heard how bad the sun can be for your eyes, but that doesn’t mean you have to hide in the shade! Take a look at these tips to enjoy the rays, but prevent eye damage!

Too much exposure to ultraviolet light can cause eye diseases like cataracts, growths (pterygium), and even cancer. Some of these diseases can take many years to develop, but every time you go outside with unprotected eyes, you are adding to this damage. No matter your age, you should always take precautions when going outside. 

Protect Against The Sun

Find a pair of UV-blocking sunglasses (regular or polarized? Find out here!)  and wear them all throughout the year, not just in the summertime! Clouds can be misleading, as the sun’s rays easily pass through haze and thin clouds. So don’t just think because it’s cloudy, your eyes can’t be damaged. The best sunglasses offer 100% UV absorption, are of the best optical quality, and are impact resistant.

prevent eye damage

Learn how to enjoy the summer rays but prevent eye damage!

In addition to sunglasses, consider purchasing a wide-brimmed hat (3 inches or larger) to not only protect your eyes, but also your neck, ears, and scalp. If you wear contacts, check to see if they protect against UV light. If they don’t, it is especially necessary to wear 100% UV protection sunglasses. This last tip may sound silly, but it’s important! Never look directly at the sun. That temporary blindness you experience afterwards slowly leads to eye damage. In fact, avoid looking up at the sky as much as you can, especially if you aren’t wearing a hat or sunglasses.

Preventing eye damage is as simple as this: Going outside? Grab your hat and shades!

At Eye LASIK Midland, we strive to provide you with information to not only protect your eyes, but to make them better! To learn more about LASIK and the procedures we offer, take a look at our blog section. And when you’re ready to get started, request a free consultation. We are ready to get you on the path to clear, healthy, vision!

Happy Fourth of July!