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How To Pay For Your LASIK Surgery

LASIK Procedure FAQs

LASIK Procedure FAQs

If you’re like most people, you have some questions about laser eye surgery, or LASIK. Specifically, how do various laser eye surgeries differ and how do they affect your quality of vision? You’ve come to the right place. Let Eye LASIK Midland answer your questions about the LASIK procedure!

What is “All-Laser LASIK?”

“All-Laser LASIK” is also known as “bladeless LASIK.” During this type of LASIK procedure, a laser keratome is used to cut the corneal flap for LASIK surgery.

What’s the difference in “All-Laser LASIK” and traditional LASIK surgery?

The difference between the two LASIK procedures is simply the method of cutting a corneal flap. “All-LASER LASIK” is a newer method, without the use of a microkeratome, a mechanical device with a blade.

So which do I choose?

The isn’t an absolute agreement among surgeons on which method of flap creation is best. However, when considering both procedures, surgeons often take into account several factors such as quality of vision, history, complications, etc. It is best to meet with your surgeon when choosing which type of LASIK procedure best suits you.

How does “Wavefront LASIK” compare to conventional LASIK?

LASIK procedure

Your LASIK procedure FAQs…answered!

Wavefront adds an automatic measurement of higher order aberrations, or more subtle distortions, than solely nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. However, these higher order aberrations only account for approximately 10% of the total refractive error of a person’s total eye. Conventional LASIK increases higher order aberrations.

What is the WaveScan System?

Using AMO Fourier algorithms, WaveScan captures the unique imperfections of each patient’s eye using 100 percent of the available Hartmann-Shack data points for more accurate wavefront error reconstruction.  The system provides the highest resolution available for any shape pupil (up to 7 mm), enabling precise, individualized treatment for the broadest range of visual imperfections.

The AMO Wavescan Wavefront System leads the industry for outstanding wavefront acquisition and diagnostic capabilities. Fast and powerful, the WaveScan System delivers unprecedented measurement accuracy, enhancing the precision of the Advanced CustomVue™ procedure.

So why choose Eye LASIK Midland?

Eye LASIK Midland offers a new approach to laser vision correction – allowing patients to work with the primary eye doctor they’ve known for years.  This means the patient’s optometrist performs all the work preceding the laser procedure, as well as all the follow-up visits. With Eye LASIK Midland, patients receive premium care from all the doctors they know and trust. Your doctor is probably one of the thirty participating optometrists in Eye LASIK Midland!

Find out if your doctor is one of the participating optometrists or request a consultation HERE! You’ll be on your way to clear vision!

Scary Eye Facts

Scary Eye Facts

The eyes are amazing…scary amazing! Here are 10 eye facts that will blow your mind, and possibly even scare you!

scary eye facts

Check out these eye facts…but beware!

  1. You blink your eyes about 12 times every minute, on average. That’s about 4,200,000 per year!
  2. The majority of vision problems, approximately 80%, are avoidable or even curable.
  3. The muscles that control your eyes are the most active out of ALL the muscles in your body!
  4. Some people are born with two differently colored eyes, a condition known as heterochromia.
  5. Eyesight requires about half of the brain.
  6. It’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.
  7. The human eyeball weighs about 28 grams.
  8. All babies are color blind at birth.
  9. The human eye can distinguish 500 shades of gray.
  10. The human eye can see the light of a candle up to 14 miles away, under the right conditions.

Who knew how complex eyes were? Be sure you’re treating your eyes with the best care possible. Check out our blog section for more eye care tips & tricks and other interesting eye facts! If you have another eye question, or would like to contact us, you can do so here.

The Real Results From LASIK Eye Surgery

The Real Results From LASIK Eye Surgery

A Life Changing Impact

If this incredible LASIK Eye Surgery testimonial doesn’t make you want LASIK yourself, we don’t know what will!

“I had never had clear vision. I had worn glasses since elementary school, after I started complaining about headaches. In all honesty, I had no idea that I couldn’t see, I never knew better. I didn’t realize how blind I was until I was able to see with my new glasses! It was incredible, I could see and I no longer had headaches. My life had changed!

But, as I moved into jr. high and high school, my glasses became a cause for concern. Kids began picking on me for wearing my thick-lensed, wide-framed glasses. Something that had once been a dream come true had turned into a nightmare. Of course, I didn’t have an option for contacts and most definitely not LASIK surgery (the technology hadn’t evolved yet). So unfortunately, my self-esteem was impacted because of my lack of vision.

Clear image of leaves on trees

“My vision was sharp & clear. I noticed the shape of the leaves on trees!”

Whenever I did have the option for contacts, I jumped at the chance. I could now see without the burden (and negative attention) of glasses…to me, it was the best of both worlds! However, after about 20 years of wearing contacts, I began to be inconvenienced with them. Taking them out and putting them back in, while it had become a habit, was burdensome. Even worse than a burden, my contacts would often give me eye infections. So, not only would I be forced to wear my glasses while I had an infection, but I would have red, puffy eyes behind my glasses. Again, my vision problem had created (yet another) nightmare.

I had heard people talk about LASIK Eye Surgery and that it was such a miracle for so many people with vision like mine. After 40 years of eye problems and blurry vision, I began to wonder if this surgery could be right for me. Unfortunately, at the time, no one in my area offered it. So, after being referred by my optometrist, I flew to another city to have the surgery done. The LASIK surgeon informed me that my current vision was 20/400 (severe low vision) and that I was the perfect candidate for LASIK Eye Surgery. I was thrilled, to say the least.

After the surgery, I went back to my hotel room to rest. My vision was blurry, but I was still medicated, so I didn’t think much about it. After sleeping for a few hours, I got up to wash my face and was shocked. I reached to my face to take off my glasses, only to find out I wasn’t wearing them! My vision was this clear without my glasses OR contacts! In fact, the surgeon said my vision had improved to 20/15! Vision this clear couldn’t be possible. I was awake the rest of the night just looking around the room in awe.

I began to notice things like I had never been able to before, leaves on trees, the curves on a coin, letters on signs. My vision was incredible and I was a new person. My only wish now is that everyone could have vision this clear! I’m so happy I made the decision to have LASIK Eye Surgery and cannot begin to imagine my life without clear vision.”

Do you want clear vision from LASIK Eye Surgery? What’s stopping you? Sign up for a FREE consultation today by clicking HERE.



Is LASIK Surgery Right For You?

Are You a Good Candidate for LASIK Surgery?

LASIK surgery has been very successful over the years and the majority of people who have the surgery have been satisfied with the results. After all, the idea of not wearing glasses or contacts is appealing. However, are you a good candidate for LASIK surgery? It is important to know the risks and benefits, as well as the procedure limitations before considering LASIK surgery.

LASIK surgery is most appropriate for people who are any of the following:

  • Nearsighted-seeing nearby objects clearly, but distant objects aren’t as clear
  • Farsighted-seeing distant objects clearly, but nearby objects are blurry
  • Astigmatism-overall blurry vision


LASIK surgery can not only change your vision, but it can change your life. Your overall outlook and disposition can change if you have clear, sharp vision.

However, as with any surgery, there are risks associated. Some of these include:

  • Overcorrection or under correction caused by uneven tissue
  • Dry eyes caused by a temporary decrease in tear production
  • Flap problems from removing the flap from the front of the eye during surgery
  • Vision disturbances such as glares or double vision


The chances for these risks can be increased if you have certain conditions such as certain autoimmune diseases, persistent dry eyes, anatomic concerns, pregnant/breastfeeding, or if your vision is unstable. LASIK surgery should also be reconsidered if you are severely nearsighted, have large pupils, actively involved in contact sports, or if you only need contacts or glasses part of the time.

The results of LASIK surgery depend on careful evaluation of an individual’s eyes before surgery as well as the understanding of the limitations of the procedure itself. An eye doctor can accurately assess your condition and help you weigh the risks and benefits.

A New Approach

At Eye LASIK Midland, we offer a new approach to laser vision correction – allowing patients to work with the primary eye doctor they’ve known for years. This means the patient’s optometrist performs all the work preceding the laser procedure, as well as all the follow-up visits. With Eye LASIK Midland, patients receive premium care from all the doctors they know and trust. More than likely, your doctor is one of the thirty participating optometrists at Eye LASIK Midland. You can request a consultation with them HERE. Interested in more information regarding Eye LASIK surgery? Sign up for our newsletter! By signing up, you can be entered in our contest to win a dinner for 2 to Grub Burger!






Laser Vision Correction – Choosing Your LASIK Surgeon

Laser Vision Correction – Choosing Your LASIK Surgeon

When you’re making decisions about your health, most of us don’t take that lightly. Your vision is no exception. Many wonder: “what should I look for in an Eye LASIK Surgeon?” First and foremost, look for a vision center with a reputation for patient satisfaction and an experienced board-certified surgeon. While other surgeons may say they are the best, how you can you really trust that you’ve found the best surgeon for your vision correction needs? We’re listing our suggestions for choosing your LASIK surgeon. Want to know about the surgeons at Eye LASIK Midland? Check out our website eyelasikmidland.com.

For many prospective patients may first wonder about the cost. Don’t let this be your deciding factor; barging-shopping may be fine for shoes, but not eye care. Not all Eye LASIK surgery centers are created equal. The following checklist can help you in determining which LASIK provider can best suit your needs.


A reputable vision center will appear tidy & clean


What kind of technology does the Eye LASIK Surgeon use? Ask if the surgeon offers 100 percent all-laser LASIK (also known as Bladeless LASIK), or if she uses a microkeratome blade. Many patients prefer a Bladeless LASIK procedure.

Professional, friendly staff:

Look for staff who listen to your concerns and are willing to work with your schedule and financial situation.

Relationship with your eye doctor:

Will the surgeon work with your current eye doctor—both before AND after surgery—to ensure your continued satisfaction with your LASIK eye surgery.? At Eye LASIK Midland the patient’s optometrist performs all the work preceding the laser procedure, as well as all the follow-up visits. To see if your doctor is in our network visit https://eyelasikmidland.com/doctors-networks/

Patient Satisfaction:

What are the vision center’s success rates? Of course, you will want to select a surgeon with a low rate of complications, but be wary of a provider who advertises a 100-percent success rate and is unable to back up his claims with objective data.
At Eye LASIK Midland, we have 97% success rate in our clinic. Give us a call to schedule a FREE consultation.


Are enhancements frequently needed? Remember, laser eye surgery outcomes may vary based on individual conditions. Even with successful surgery, future enhancements may be needed, or you might require eye glasses for activities such as reading or driving. Additionally, farsighted patients may experience deteriorating vision over time as part of the natural aging process.

Investing the time now will give you peace of mind while making your decision. Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation! Click HERE or on the image below.