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Eye LASIK Recovery

The freedom from glasses and contacts that Lasik eye surgery offers is completely life-changing. Add in the fact that Lasik eye surgery is now one of the safest procedures you can have to correct your vision, and it no wonder millions of people have chosen to have Lasik eye surgery.

Although Lasik surgery is a simple procedure, there is still a recovery period. However, Lasik recovery is usually quick and free from pain, although you may have discomfort for a day or two after the procedure. However, there are things you can do to ensure that your Lasik recovery is successful.

Get Plenty of Rest During Recovery

After your procedure, go home and take a nap. Let your eyes rest. Although, Lasik is a safe and simple procedure, your eyes still need time to recover. The best way to give them a head start is to keep them closed. Most patients do feel some irritation once the topical anesthetic wears off, and keeping your eyes closed is a great way to minimize this irritation.

Use Your Prescription Drops as Directed During Recovery

It’s important to use the drops prescribed by your ophthalmologist as directed during your Lasik recovery. These drops should include an antibiotic, along with a steroid and possibly an anti-inflammatory medication. These will help prevent infection and swelling, while alleviating some of the irritation you may feel shortly after the procedure. If you have any questions on how to use your drops, ask your physician before you leave the surgery center.

Don’t Rub Your Eyes During Recovery

Rubbing your eyes during your Lasik recovery period can cause complications with the flap created during the procedure, which can lead to blurry vision and possibly the need for more surgery. This is another great reason to take a nap after your procedure since you won’t feel the need to rub your eyes while you’re asleep.

Where Protective Eyewear During Recovery

You’ll be given safety glasses or goggles to wear after your procedure. For the first 24 to 48 hours during your Lasik recovery, you should wear these anytime you are outside to prevent any dirt or debris from getting into your eyes. You will also need to wear these glasses or goggles anytime you sleep for the first week after the procedure. This will help prevent you from accidentally hitting or rubbing your eyes in your sleep.

Use Artificial Tears During Recovery

In the kit you are given for your Lasik recovery, you will have drops that can be used to moisturize your eyes. Use them. These artificial tears will help alleviate discomfort during your Lasik recovery, as well as keep your corneas hydrated, which will allow them to heal quickly and properly. These drops can be used as often as needed. If you will be using them at the same time as your prescription drops, use the tears first and then wait five minutes before instilling the prescribed drops.

These five tips will help to ensure your Lasik recovery goes smoothly and help alleviate any discomfort. However, be sure to check with your surgeon to see if he or she has any other recommendations for your Lasik recovery.

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