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Eye LASIK Midland

Eye LASIK Midland continues to provide superior lasik procedures by using the newest and most advanced technology available. The Advanced CustomVue lasik procedure, which has been approved by the FDA since 2003, completely revolutionizes laser vision correction. This lasik procedure allows people who previously were not candidates of laser surgery finally get the vision they’ve always wanted.

A Completely Individualized Treatment

Advanced CustomVue LASIK allows your laser vision correction procedure to be completely individualized. Your treatment will be tailored to your specific visual needs. At your consultation, our skilled physicians will discuss the procedure with you, and then test your eyes with the Wavescan system.

The Wavescan system maps not only your prescription but all of the imperfections that are unique to your eyes. This digital information is used by the Advanced CustomVue lasik procedure to design completely customized treatment for each eye.
The Visx Iris Registration Technology, which is available only with our Advanced CustomVue lasik procedure, centers the laser to ensure precise treatment by tracking the most subtle of eye movements. This revolutionary safety measure ensures your treatment is delivered accurately and precisely.

What to Expect on Procedure Day

When you come in for your lasik procedure, our physicians will welcome you to our surgery center, and prep you for the procedure by numbing your eyes with anesthetic drops. This will make things much more comfortable for you.
The results of your Wavescan map will be transferred to the Star S4 IR Excimer laser and your treatment will begin. The laser uses a cool beam to reshape your cornea, smoothing out aberrations and creating a new corneal curvature to correct your vision.

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Your Results

Our patients typically see results right after the procedure, and wake up the next morning with a view of the world they’ve never seen without glasses or contacts. Vision improves dramatically over the next several days.
The Advanced CustomVue lasik procedure has been shown through clinical studies to actually improve your vision beyond what you see with glasses or contacts. Most of our patients notice a dramatic difference between their vision after their lasik procedure and their vision with glasses or contacts.

This lasik procedure also produces excellent long term results. About 98 percent of patients see 20/20 or better one year after their procedure, and 100 percent of patients were able to pass a driving test one year later without any correction.