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“I Need LASIK”

We love hearing different “I need LASIK” stories.

You know, those moments that make you say to yourself, “That’s it. I need LASIK.”

Take a look at Cameron’s story…

“I had always humored the idea of having LASIK. However, I always had something else to spend the money on. Until one day.

I am naturally a very “cost effective” person. Some may call it “cheap” or “frugal,” but I refer “cost effective.” Unfortunately, this cost effectiveness often led me to wearing my contacts way too long. My mentality was “They’re so expensive. I bet I can get another few days out of this pair!” Well, those “another few days” typically turned into another few weeks. (I know, I’m ashamed.)

I never would replace my contacts until my eyes were in physical pain. My friends and family always knew when it was time to replace them because I would scratch and blink my eyes until I looked liked I had some crazy disease. Unfortunately, I had the moment (you know, that “I need LASIK” moment), at one of the coolest experiences of my life…

I need LASIK

Don’t let an awesome life experience be ruined by poor vision.

My friend had a suite at a Cowboys game last October. I was so excited! However, after getting there, I got to be the person who enjoyed the game from the TV screen in the suite. My eyes were hurting so bad that I had to take my contacts out almost as soon as we got there. Of course, I didn’t have my glasses, so it left me barely able to see. The next week, I booked a LASIK consultation.

LASIK is one of the best decisions I ever made. It has literally changed my life (cliché, but so true). I don’t have to sit out of awesome experiences or be inconvenienced with contacts or glasses. And better yet, I don’t have to pay for them!”

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