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What Is The Right Age For LASIK?

One of the most common question we receive is “am I too old/young for LASIK?” While there’s no standard minimum or maximum on the procedure, we’re here to discuss the right age for LASIK.

Am I Too Old For LASIK?

There’s an old adage that “age ain’t nothin’ but a number.” However, medically speaking, it can make some difference. However, you may not be “too old” for LASIK. While there is not a maximum age for the procedure, each patient should be assessed individually to determine eligibility. This is all taken care of during your complimentary consultation with EyeLASIK

Am I Too Young For LASIK?

right age for LASIK

Do you know the “right” age for LASIK?

If you’ve watch your child struggle with poor vision, you know how difficult this can be. Needing to wear corrective lenses, whether glasses or contacts, can be a hassle during school, in sports, or in social settings. The added responsibility of maintaining contacts or keeping up glasses can be especially cumbersome for children and young adults. However, LASIK is not typically recommended for people 18 years and younger. Like height and shoe size, the eyes still need to mature and stabilize before the procedure can be considered a success. We evaluate each person individually to determine eligibility.

What Is The Right Age For LASIK?

To qualify for the LASIK procedure, your vision must be stable for a defined period of time and you must have good eye health. People with cataracts or eye disease may not qualify as candidates for LASIK. Also, if you are wearing reading glasses now, the likelihood is that you will continue to need them. However, each patient is evaluated individually and is specifically assessed to provide the “right” LASIK age.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the procedure and the qualifying criteria that helps determine its success. You can set up your free consultation by filling out this form.