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What To Expect From LASIK: After Your Procedure

Sleepy time after LASIK helps you heal.

Resting after the procedure is important.

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, it means you’ve already read Part 1 and Part 2 of our blog on what to expect from LASIK. Today, we’re focusing on what will happen after your procedure.

Don’t LASIK And Drive

As we’ve stated before, a responsible adult should be available to drive you to and from your surgical appointment. Your vision will be hazy and your eyes do not need to strain excessively. Therefore, driving is considered extremely hazardous.

All You Have To Do Is Relax

Once you get home, all you need to do is sleep. Plan on resting for 3-4 hours with your eyes closed to prevent squinting and straining. You can expect to have blurry vision for approximately the first 24 hours. Other patients have reported halos, light sensitivity, dry eye feeling, and the general feeling of discomfort. The majority of the irritation will occur a few hours post-op and subside after a few hours.

You will be prescribed special eye drops that contain an antibiotic and a moisturizing agent in them; we recommend using these per the doctor’s instructions to prevent discomfort. You can also take over-the-counter acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or aspirin to ease any pain, as well.

Add It To Your Calendar

Your surgeon will set up a post-operative visit with you 24-48 hours after your procedure. Be sure to bring all of your prescriptions with you to this appointment. Don’t be alarmed at the redness or discomfort following surgery. This is completely normal, but be sure to keep note of any changes or anything unusual.

Other Things To Consider

  • Avoid driving until you’re 100% confident in your vision (this various from patient to patient).
  • DO NOT RUB YOUR EYES! This causes irritation and can introduce bacteria into the surgical site, which could cause further damage and prevent proper healing.
  • No cosmetics or lotions for 7-14 days after the procedure.
  • Wear sunglasses to prevent additional light sensitivity.
  • Avoid situations with lots of dirt or dust (easier said than done in West Texas!).
  • No swimming, hot tubs, or other situations where water could get into your eye (especially chlorinated water) for 3-6 weeks. Exercise caution when showering or bathing as to not to get soap or water in your eyes.
  • Limit exercise and contact sports that could cause eye strain or injury for 7-14 days.
  • Use your drops!
  • Reading, watching television, and working on devices is acceptable as long as you take frequent breaks.
  • Watch out for small creatures, both the two-legged and four-legged varieties! They can accidentally hit your eyes.


Eye LASIK encourages you to call if you have any questions regarding your post-operative care. We are so excited to have finished our blog series on what to expect from LASIK. Now that we’re done, the only thing we’re lacking is…YOU! We offer complementary consultations and we’re excited to meet you soon!