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What To Expect From LASIK: During Your Procedure

The day of the procedure is important

Day-of tips & tricks!

We’re back with the second part of our three-blog series on what to expect from LASIK. Before continuing on, we recommend that you read Part 1, Before Your Procedure. However, today is all about the big event…the day of your LASIK procedure!

Are You Ready?

We highly recommend that you complete all of your paperwork prior to coming in. However, if you missed something, be sure to bring it so we can get everything finalized before your surgery. There are several things to keep in mind on the day of your appointment prior to the procedure:

  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Do not wear any makeup or cosmetics, including lotion
  • Eat a light meal beforehand
  • Make certain a responsible adult comes with you to drive you home after we’re done and to help care for you for the first day or so


But First, A Little Preparation

Before the procedure starts, you’ll have another chance to ask your surgeon or one of the nurses any questions you may have. When you’re ready, we will have you lay down comfortably. At this time, your eyes will be cleaned and then prepped with numbing drops. They will cause your eyes to feel a little odd, but the sensation is similar to dilation or a glaucoma test.

Once the drops have properly numbed your eyes, one eye will be covered and the nurse or surgeon will place you under the laser. Your eye will be held open by a device so you won’t even need to worry about blinking during your procedure. At this point, the doctor will be ready to start on the first eye.

It’s Go Time!

Once you are properly placed under the laser, you will be asked to stare at a fixed light. Keep in mind this is NOT the actual laser. It is simply a tool used to help you focus on a fixed spot. When the laser starts, you will hear clicking or buzzing…but don’t worry. This is completely normal. It’s just the machine starting up. You may feel some pressure but this, too, is normal. The surgeon will keep you advised and instruct you during the procedure. Once the doctor has completed the first eye, he will move on to the next. The entire procedure only takes around half an hour!

Be sure to join us again for the third and final part of our blog series on what to expect from LASIK. We will be going over post-operation instructions and a timeline on when you can expect to get back to your daily routine.