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When Is The Right Time For LASIK?

Any time is a great time for LASIK.

Make Time For LASIK!

As we’ve previously discussed, you should expect to schedule some time for recovery time after your LASIK procedure, but you may be wondering…when is the right time for LASIK? Today, we’re going to share our thoughts on the optimal time to set up your procedure!

Talk With Your Surgeon Beforehand

If you’re a runner and you know you have a marathon coming up, your doctor might recommend scheduling your procedure until after you’ve completed your race. The surgical team at Eye LASIK can work around your schedule and we know that there are certain activities that are important to you. However, we also want to ensure that your eyes are properly healed before fully releasing you. During your consultation, discuss any upcoming plans with your surgeon. Your doctor will be able to help you assess the best time to complete your procedure.

Weather Is Definitely A Factor

After corrective surgery, your eyes will be more sensitive than usual and you will need to take additional measures to protect them. Wind, sun, and dust are all factors to consider before your procedure. Since you’re in West Texas, you already know that we often have windy conditions during the spring. In order to protect your eyes from environmental factors like wind, we recommend using sunglasses with UV protection any time you go outside for at least the first week or two after your procedure.

Plan Your Activities Accordingly

Are you a big fan of swimming? Enjoy riding dirt bikes? What about hiking? These are all great ways to exercise and Eye LASIK couldn’t encourage you more to get your heart rate up. However, for a few weeks after your procedure, be sure to limit time spent around water or dust to prevent any odd particles from settling in your eyes. They will still be healing and this is to prevent any sort of infection.

We hope we’ve been able to help answer some questions on when the right time for LASIK is for you. Don’t forget, we offer complimentary consultations to assess your candidacy for the procedure! Jot us down in your planner today!