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August Is National Eye Exam Month

Your August calendar is probably already filling up quickly. School is about to start, so that leaves you with plenty of to-dos to check off of your list. However, August is also National Eye Exam Month. The staff at Eye LASIK Midland wants to share the reasons why you should add one extra thing to your busy schedule.

Why Eye Exam Month is Important to you

You need an Update Prescription

Approximately 75% of adults in the United States need vision correction of some sort. Therefore, it’s no surprise why you might need to get your eyes examined annually. The majority of patients who visit an eye doctor each year do so in order to get their prescriptions updated.

Your Family History Changed

Changes in your family history are another important reason to get your eyes examined once a year. If a family member is diagnosed with conditions, such as glaucoma, diabetes, or cataracts, it’s important to let your optometrist know. Many of these conditions are hereditary. Keeping your annual eye doctor appointment can help to diagnose these conditions early, which helps with the success rate of treatment.

It’s Part of your Regular Health Plan

There is an adage about the eyes being the window to your soul. However, it is true that your eyes can also be the window to your health. Many diseases are expressed through symptoms in your eyes. These diseases include lupus, diabetes, heart conditions, cancer, and more. Your eye doctor might see something in your next eye exam that could save your life.

You need a Specialist

Though a brief vision test is conducted during annual physical appointments, your family practitioner is not an ocular specialist. While all physicians are trained to examine your eyes, only optometrist and ophthalmologists received specialty education related specifically to your eye health.

Even though you’re extremely busy in August, Eye LASIK Midland wants to remind you that your overall eye health is important. While LASIK is a great way to improve your vision, regular eye exams should be included as part of your annual wellness plan.