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Top 6 LASIK Concerns Answered [Part 1]

The simple mention of the word “surgery” raises concern among many people, and coupled with the word “eye,” images of pain and discomfort comes to mind for most. Fortunately, LASIK eye surgery is nothing to be concerned about, with patients who have had the vision correction service done expressing how the quick and virtually painless procedure debunked all of their pre-surgery worries. Below is part one of a list of the 6 most common concerns about LASIK surgery and explanations on why patients have nothing to worry about when they get LASIK surgery from one of our precise, expert surgeons at Eye LASIK Midland.

1. Keeping eyes open for a long period of time

LASIK surgery is known to be a very advanced and precise surgery, and because of this, it is commonly associated with being a very lengthy procedure. In reality, while there are (painless) eye tests that must be taken before surgery to decide if a patient is a good candidate for LASIK, the actual procedure only lasts a few seconds per eye. Successful candidates will receive a sedative to help relax and numbing drops to the eye for a comfortable and quick procedure. Please see this video on what to expect before, after, and during LASIK eye surgery.

2. Procedure resulting in damaged eyesight

A common concern with any surgery is the risk of something going wrong during the procedure. With our advanced VISX STAR S4 system and experienced, professional surgeons, accuracy, preciseness, and safety is what we are known for at Eye LASIK Midland. We provide some of the best treatment options for our patients and our resident ophthalmologists Dr. Tschoepe and surgeon Dr. Walters offer a combined expertise that provides patients with the security of knowing that they will be getting the best treatment there is.

3. Cost of Procedure

Financial concerns are one of the top reasons why people choose not to elect LASIK to fix their vision concerns. While, unfortunately, most insurance companies see LASIK as an elective procedure, there are a variety of other ways to pay for the cost of LASIK, including loans, health savings accounts, and financing offered through us. See our post titled, “Ways to Pay for LASIK” for more options and details.

As shown from these 3 concerns, there is really nothing to fear when Eye LASIK Midland is the top choice in Texas for LASIK eye surgery. Don’t see another top concern about LASIK surgery on the list? Continue to part 2 for more reasons why patients should not fear getting LASIK.

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